Perth Strippers

Perth Strippers


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For our more conservative clients, this routine offers of that of the Full Strip but our Bad Boy does not bare all. Includes photo opportunities.

A popular choice, your Bad Boy will bare all during his professionally choreographed show. Also known as the “Full Monty” strip show.
Includes photo opportunities.

Another popular choice, this tasty and highly professional strip tease encourages a bit more audience participation. One of our slightly longer routines, this full monty performance is highly recommended. Includes photo opportunities (up to stripper’s discretion).

Hmm… how do we explain this??? The naughtiest show we are legally able to provide! Our longest show we offer, fully interactive (“hands on”), your audience will get THE WORKS as your Bad Boy gets down and dirty!
Includes photo opportunities. 

One can be a lonely number… get yourself two! Perth’s hottest duo show is right here. Experience non-stop action from not one but TWO of your favourite performers. Do not blink and get ready for your guests to go right off, as everyone in attendance experiences non-stop action from TWO of your favourite performers.
Includes Photo opportunities.  

Strawberries and Cream Duo Show: +$60

“THE WORKS” XXX-Rated Duo Show: +$110

Your stripper will perform these extras on the night after his show.

Private lap dance: $50 per recipient

Public lap dance: $80 per recipient

Special Stripper/Waiter Mingle (Your stripper will stay on to waiter after their show concludes):

30 minutes: +$50

1 hour: +$90

2 hours: +$180

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Perth Strippers

Male Strippers

The ultimate entertainment! Seriously. What’s a hen’s night without a stripper? What’s a buck’s night without… another willy? A strip show is probably the BEST-LOVED part of male entertainment if you’re asking the attendees of any party!

Be prepared to laugh, smile, cheer, sing, dance, and in some cases even mop the floor. YEP! Do yourself and everyone else a favour, just book a bad boy who can TAKE. IT. OFF!

All strip tease artists are professionally trained to not disappoint, and have the ideal personality to go with their hot looks. Our strippers have a wide variety of themes for you to select from, which you can view alongside their individual profiles.